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Create an Enticing Offer people want to buy and
a friendly presentation that sells it for you


NOTE: This round of the mastermind will not happen. Instead, I'll build sales presentations for a small number of people 1-on-1.

To keep things simple, the price will be the same. You can even use the same payment plan. You get all the same bonuses. And we cover all the same topics.

We just do it 1-on-1.

If you have any questions, reach out to

In a nutshell:

This mastermind solves a few common issues you might struggle with:
  • You need to convince people to buy. You don't get to talk with people who already know they want to work with you. For every sale you make, you spend a lot of time negotiating and trying to find some way to persuade people into buying from you.
  • ​You have to choose between sales-y tactics or not enough sales. You could copy what some famous marketing guru does—an aggressive webinar or a sales page making crazy promises. But that's not who you are.
  • You struggle to keep up with marketing. You use lots of tactics (e.g., social media, blogging, email, interviews...), but you don't get consistent results. So, you can't stop using any of them and risk losing those few sales you make.

"Miles better than the webinar-guru courses"

With Peter’s help, I crafted a presentation that I actually feel confident about. I showed up twice a week and did NOTHING in between sessions. Peter and the other group members helped me cut through the clutter to highlight what’s most desirable about my offer.

I was skeptical at first, but we really did create an entire presentation in just 12 weeks. This experience was miles better than the webinar-guru courses I’ve taken before. Peter guided us every step of the way.

The first time we presented it, ~30% of attendees scheduled a call to discuss our high-ticket services.

– Caleb DeLeon, PaperbackExpert
All you need to do is show up to the live sessions.
Many programs are based on the idea that you show up to learn what to do and then do it on your own. Effortless Sales Makers mastermind is based on the idea that you do all the work during the live sessions.

So, all you need to do is show up to the live sessions and follow the instructions.

Note that this is the inaugural group, so I don't dare to promise that everyone will get 100% of the work done during the live calls. I certainly aim for it, but I don't dare to promise it before having seen it happen.

In any case, here's what you should expect will happen when you have a presentation that fits your situation and an offer matching what people want from you:
  • Talk with people who already want to work with you. You won't need to convince them of your expertise, the value of working with you, or that they should act soon. You specifically talk with the people who want to work with you. And they make the decision soon.
  • Do marketing and sales in a way that feels good. You don't need to sell your soul to make your business grow. You can share your knowledge and help people — and make sales because of it.
  • ​Keep your marketing and sales working easily. The whole point of this is that you won't need to look for more and more things to try.

During the program you will:

  • Create a presentation your target customers want to see. It can be long (up to 90min) or short (5-10min). It can be live or recorded. It can be online or in-person. Whatever format it is, the topic is one your target customers are drawn to, so you aren't talking to the wrong people.
  • Create/modify an offer that matches what people hope to get from you. You won't need to arm wrestle people into accepting your offer when it's exactly what they hoped to get from you anyway.
  • Choose the right methods for you to reach your target customers, so you can easily promote your presentation for them. You'll also understand how to use those methods in a way that fits your business.

"Presentation for each person that was distinct and compelling"

Peter runs a mastermind group in a way that beautifully guides group conversation while ensuring that the group members learned vital principles. With each step along the clear path, he provided pragmatic information and actions that created a concrete outcome in the end; a presentation for each person that was distinct and compelling.

– Constance Dierickx, The Decision Doctor

When Effortless Sales Makers mastermind happens:

We're starting on Thursday, September 28. We go for 12 weeks (last session is on Thursday, December 14). By the end, you will have your presentation and offer ready and checked.

All the calls start at 1pm US Eastern (that's 6pm UK).

Each Thursday we have the main 90min session of the week. We go through what you do next and get started on it. You get feedback to what you're doing before the session even ends.

Each Tuesday we have a 60min working session. We go a bit deeper into what we talked about the previous Thursday. You can ask any questions you have, get feedback from me and the rest of the group, and get more of the work done.

The idea is that you get all the work done during the live sessions. I can't promise that quite 100%, but in the inaugural group, everyone got very, very close to that.

That said, if you can't make it live, you get a recording every time. You can go through the program, even if you never make it live, so missing a call here and there isn't an issue.

The session plan:

  • Week 1: Find what motivates people to buy from you and what makes you stand out from the competition. This is the basis for all marketing, so we need that clarity to create a presentation and offer that match what people expect from you.
  • Weeks 2-3: Create/modify your offer to make it exactly what people want from you. Each week we look at a different aspect of your offer to make it more appealing. While making your offer easier to buy, you also make it create much better results for your customers.
  • ​Weeks 5-12: Create your presentation that naturally sells your offer. You make clear progress on your presentation each week. You get feedback to what would make it more interesting, valuable, and engaging. By the end of the mastermind, your presentation is ready. We'll also make sure you have a good registration page.
  • Near the end of the mastermind: We'll talk about different ways for you to get your target customers to see your presentation. Check the "reach your audience" bonuses for more about what we'll cover. But we will also talk about how to choose the right options for you.

Whom this is for:

This program is a good fit for you regardless of your marketing experience. There will be plenty of meaningful things even for experienced marketers, but I will keep things easy for even novices to follow.

However, if you're specifically an expert at creating presentations that sell, this is not meant for you (unless you're struggling to convert with your own presentations because then you're clearly too close to your own stuff to see what's missing).

Whether you sell to companies/governments or individuals doesn't matter. There are differences in how we approach those situations, but we cover both in the program.

Your audience size doesn't matter (even zero is fine). We'll cover ways for you to reach your target customers that don't rely on an existing audience at all.

Your tech skills also don't matter. If you have the skills, you can use them. But we'll cover very, very simple ways to do this all, so you don't need to worry about it.

"I now have a clear message and framework"

I had chased so many promises from online coaches, buying programs and trainings but not making any traction. Not until I worked with Peter in his Effortless Sales Makers program did I find my way out of the morass of confusion and conflicting advice.

With Peter’s clear guidance, I finally created my Living Leadership Framework and messaging. Before that, it was all scrambled in my head. After working together, I now have a clear message and framework and I’m forever grateful.

– Janet Macaluso, Learning2LEAD



Bonus #1: Smart Advertising with Pocket Change

Advertising is one of the most consistently effective ways for businesses to reach their audience.

The only reason more people don't use advertising is that they can't take on the usual risk. However, you can avoid almost all the risk when you approach is in a systematic way.

In this recorded workshop, you learn to use advertising in a way that fits your business... and with a budget you can handle.

Normal price: $247
  • Select the right advertising platform(s) for you
  • ​Create the right targeting within the ad platform, so your target customers see your ads
  • ​Create effective advertisements with minimal effort by modeling effective ads. You get access to my personal advertisement swipe files full of the best ads I've seen. I've also added detailed notes to many of them to highlight what specifically about the ad works well (and what you don't want to model).
  • ​Analyze your advertising to find the best opportunities for improvement
  • ​Scale your advertising to reach more people without increasing the risks

Bonus #2: Partnership Marketing workshop

Partnership marketing can mean lots of different things. It can be as simple as finding podcasts you can get on. It can also be things like joint ventures or promotion swaps where you both promote each other to your audiences.

It's unlikely that all the options would work for you. The point is to find the ones that do and use them.

I've made the majority of my sales thanks to partnership marketing. Many, many forms of it. And truly, it is far easier than many people expect... if you choose the methods that are a fit for you.

This workshop will be live. If you can't make it live, you get the recording.

Normal price: $497

Bonus #3: Linkedin Marketing system

Note: This is meant for selling high-ticket offers. Some other approaches to Linkedin marketing can work with cheap offers, too. This doesn't. This system generates calls with your target customers.

I'm NOT someone who likes social media. For example, I don't remember when was the last time I logged into Facebook.

I've also pointed out for the longest time that social media marketing (not advertising, but the actual social part) is usually a waste of your time. That's still true. Nearly all people who use social media for their business never see any sales thanks to it.

HOWEVER, there are situations where it can work extremely consistently and efficiently.

If you sell to businesses, you should at least consider using Linkedin for your marketing. I don't mean mindlessly publishing articles or sending connection requests to anyone who might buy from you.

Normal price: $97

Bonus #4: Promotion to my audience

If I think your presentation would be a good fit for my audience, I'm happy to promote it to them. We'll need to discuss the details to make sure it works out, but if you've been on my list for a while, you know I promote lots of other people's free resources when I see something that could be valuable.

This isn't relevant for everyone, but if your target customers are business owners, this could be worth a lot to you.

I don't sell promotions, so there's no price. The people whose presentations I promote sometimes get no sales from it, but sometimes they make tens of thousands of dollars.

Normal price: not for sale

Bonus #5: Introductions to potential partners

If I can think of anyone you would benefit from meeting, I'm happy to make the introductions. Obviously I can't promise to have connections for every single person, but I meet a lot of people in my business, so you might be surprised by how often I can make good introductions.

I don't sell introductions, so there's no price. The introductions I make can also end up being merely interesting, but sometimes they lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Normal price: not for sale


Bonus #6: Presentation Email Follow-up system

I typically multiply my presentation sales with the follow-up emails. Anywhere from 3x to 7x is the norm. Industry standard is 2x.

That's partly because my presentations don't have an aggressive sales pitch at the end. But looking at the overall conversion rates does suggest the emails are significantly more effective than typical. That's not because I'd send a lot of follow-up emails; I send fewer than most others in my industry.

You get not only instructions for how to write them, but also real examples from my promotions.

Normal price: $97


Bonus #7: Effortless Sales Blueprint

Lots of people hate selling. They see it as an exercise in pressuring and manipulating someone to buy.

I hate that, too.

Fortunately you can make sales in a friendly way, too. You can genuinely help people during your sales conversations.

For example, when I talk with a potential client, I do my best to give helpful suggestions of what they should do next and how. Only at the end, and only if they actually want to hear it, we talk about how I could help them in a paid way.

I've been teaching this same approach to sales to my clients for years. Even those who have "hated selling" before have found doing sales conversations nice when following this approach.

All that said, if you'd rather not have calls with potential clients, but still want to make high-ticket sales, you might be able to do it.

You may think, "That definitely can't work in my business." And you might be right. This isn't a good approach for everyone.

But you'll learn the process that has worked even when selling $50k business services. It has worked for high-ticket coaches. And it has worked for expensive software. So, keep your mind open (at least if you'd rather close sales without calls).

Normal price: $247

Bonus #8: Sales Page instructions

Writing a good sales page can seem like a difficult thing to do. And it definitely is difficult if you either try to do it without instructions or following instructions that are too complex.

I started out as a copywriter (in 2011). Ever since then, I've been finding easier and easier ways to write sales pages that work well. And I've been teaching the same approach to my clients for a few years now.

Even people who have never written a sales page before have written very good pages (before even editing) following the simple instructions.

Normal price: $97

1-on-1 SUPPORT from PETER

Bonus #9: 1-on-1 workshop session with Peter

Unlike in many mastermind-style programs, which rely heavily on peer support, you get direct feedback from me to what you're doing. You can also ask any questions you have directly from me during the sessions (both the main sessions and the Q&A sessions).

In addition to the group sessions, we'll have a 1-on-1 workshop. During that, I will do some of your presentation planning for you. It's also a chance for us to clarify your process or method (the way you help people) to a format that's easy to share.

Normal price: $1500.

Bonus #10: Email coaching with Peter

For the duration of the mastermind, you can ask any questions you have (related to things we're working on) via email.

Normal price: $3000 (I rarely sell email coaching, but this is what I charge for 12 weeks)

"Best program I’ve ever taken"

Best program I’ve ever taken. No hype, filler or wasted time.

Peter knows what he’s doing. He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced and cares about your success.

I got clarity, focus, designed my offer and structured an online course. Peter brings expert guidance and puts compatible people together, so the sessions are inspiring, focused and fun.

I highly recommend this course if you want great input, sound advice and a sure way to get it done!

– Marguerite Senecal

Effortless Sales Makers mastermind

  • Effortless Sales Makers mastermind ($5000)
  • ​Smart Advertising with Pocket Change ($247)
  • ​Partnership Marketing workshop ($497)
  • ​Linkedin Marketing system ($97)
  • ​Promotion to my audience (priceless)
  • ​Introductions to potential partners (priceless)
  • ​Presentation Email Follow-up system ($97)
  • ​Effortless Sales Blueprint ($247)
  • ​Sales Page instructions ($97)
  • Long 1-on-1 workshop session with Peter ($1500)
  • Email coaching for the duration of the mastermind ($3000)

$997 x6 (save $4800)

Save additional $982 with 1-pay option

Any questions? Send me an email at

Want to talk about this in person? Schedule a call.

NOTE: This round of the mastermind will not happen. Instead, I'll build sales presentations for a small number of people 1-on-1.

To keep things simple, the price will be the same. You can even use the same payment plan. You get all the same bonuses. And we cover all the same topics.

We just do it 1-on-1.

If you have any questions, reach out to

"Exceeded my expectations in every way"

This 12-week long mastermind with Peter exceeded my expectations in every way. I thought it would be helpful but I was hesitant since I had already created a presentation with the help of another mentor. But since I wasn't using it because I wasn't sure of whether it presented the right message, I enrolled in Peter's mastermind.

Peter guided us through a variety of tools and methods to gain clarity on what makes us stand out, how to select the right style of presentation, how to put the presentation together for optimal clarity [no confusion in the minds of our audience!], and then how to use the presentation in the overall marketing plan.

The bonuses were fantastic and honestly, any element of the mastermind would have been worth the investment.

I can move forward quickly now because I was able to create my entire presentation during the mastermind -- and it required minimal or no work outside of the timeframe of our meetings.

I was impressed by the quality and generosity of the people in our group and am aware that Peter attracts high-caliber people. Looking back, joining this mastermind was [would be] a no-brainer!

– Nancy Jonker, Audacious Leaders M.O.

Likely questions:

"Will this actually make a difference?"

Nearly 100% of my 1-on-1 clients see meaningful positive results very quickly. I expect that to be true of every mastermind group I run, as well. Unlike many masterminds, which rely almost entirely on peer support, you get a lot of direct feedback from me and can also ask all your questions directly from me.

"Will this work in my business?"

Although presentations can work great for cheap offers, we're going to focus on offers that cost at least $1000. If you sell something cheaper than that, it might still be a fit, but ask me first (

"I need to talk with people 1-on-1 before they buy. Does this work for me?"

Yes, it does. You can direct people to scheduling a call, instead of pushing them to a sales page.

"How many sessions will we have and when are they?"

We'll have 12 main sessions, which are 90min each, on Thursdays at 1pm US Eastern starting on September 28 (last session is on December 14). We also have 11 Q&A sessions, which are 60min each, on Tuesdays at 1pm US Eastern.

"Will you do this again?"

Possibly yes sometime in 2024, but I have no plans for it yet.

"How can I reach you with a question about this?"

Send me an email to People frequently express their surprise when I don't try to push them into buying, but instead genuinely answer their question and try to make it easier for them to choose. So, you don't need to worry about getting a sales pitch as a response.
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