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Turn your lead trickle into a consistent stream by finding the right way for you to use email marketing

Lead Stream Builders mastermind

In a nutshell:

Many businesses are limited by their inability to consistently attract the right people and get them to take the next meaningful step toward buying.

You might attract leads, but if they aren't the right people (= people who are likely to buy), you can't make many sales.

You might get people to take some action like quickly check out a sales page or read a blog post. But if you don't get them to schedule a call with you or truly consider buying from your sales page, you can't make many sales.

That's what Lead Stream Builders mastermind will change for you.

During the program you will create:

  • Lead magnet that attracts your ideal customers: Your ideal customers are not just nice to work with. They also don't mind paying your fees, do their part, and see great results, so you get the best testimonials and referrals.
  • ​Automated email nurture sequence: When someone gets your lead magnet, it's your nurture sequence's job to quickly get them to take the next step toward buying. It builds trust, helps people see the value in what you're offering, and makes them see you as their best choice. The next step could be reading a sales page, scheduling a time to talk with you, or even an email conversation—whatever fits your business.
  • ​Late-Night Email Show: No matter how good your lead magnet and nurture sequence are, most people aren't ready to buy that quickly. You need to stay in touch for a longer time before they're ready for the next step. You can't stay in touch with everyone separately. Developing a Late-Night Email Show, which your ideal customers find genuinely interesting, makes it easy for you to stay in touch with every potential customer, whether they're ready to buy next month or next year. When you do this right, you can keep people interested for years and have your open rates stay high (mine are around 70%).

When Lead Stream Builders mastermind happens:

We're starting on Thursday, January 26 at 11am US Eastern. We go for 12 weeks (last session is on Thursday, April 13), and by the end, you will have everything ready, checked, and in place to attract and convert your ideal customers.

Each Thursday we have the main 90min session of the week. We go through what you do next and get started on it. You get feedback to what you're doing before the session even ends.

Each Tuesday we have a 60min Q&A / working session. You can ask any questions you have, get feedback from me and the rest of the group, and get more of the work done.

That is to say, you get much of the work—especially the most impactful parts like choosing topics—done during the sessions. I can't promise you'll get everything done during the sessions, but what you need to do between them should be the easier parts.

You will get a recording of each session, so it doesn't matter if you can't make it live sometimes.

The session plan:

Here's the quick summary:
  • Weeks 1-4: Create a lead magnet that attracts your ideal customers.
  • ​Weeks 5-9: Write your email nurture sequence, which gets people to take the next step.
  • ​Weeks 10-12: Create and start writing your Late-Night Email Show, which keeps people engaged for months or years until they're ready to take the next step.
These are the main sessions. The Q&A sessions will follow along the same lines, but we'll discuss whatever comes up on those sessions.

We might end up with minor changes to this plan as we progress through the program. For example, we might be able to make faster progress in some places, so we have more time for other topics. However, we will cover all these topics in detail:
  • Week 1: Find what motivates people to buy from you and what makes you stand out from the competition. This is the basis for all marketing, so we need that clarity to create an attractive lead magnet and effective emails.
  • ​Week 2: Choose your lead magnet topic and format. If either the topic or the format is off, your lead magnet won't attract the people who are most likely to buy from you.
  • ​​​Week 3: Learn to create your lead magnet, so it makes people want to take the next step. Having the right topic and format is only the start. You're going to have a lead magnet that truly gets people closer to buying, which requires a few more things.
  • ​Week 4: ​Go through your lead magnet to make sure it makes people want to take the next step. This week we will check your lead magnet and find the few final tweaks that could make it more effective.
  • ​Week 5: Plan your nurture sequence content email topics. The right topics make it easy to write truly effective content emails. The wrong topics make it almost impossible because people won't open them, let alone read them carefully.
  • ​Week 6: Learn to write your nurture sequence content emails. We're making your emails not just good, but effective, too. We'll cover a few ways to do it, so you can pick whichever feels most natural for you.
  • ​Week 7: Go through your nurture sequence content emails. Again, this program is not about giving you some instructions and sending you off with those. Instead, we will actually go through what you create and give you feedback, so you get even better results.
  • ​Week 8: Learn to write your nurture sequence pitch emails. Most of your nurture sequence feels like content emails, although even those emails can get people to take the next step. However, at the end of the sequence, we'll have a few more direct pitch emails.
  • ​Week 9: Go through some of your nurture sequence pitch emails. Just like with the content emails, we will also go through some of your pitch emails, so you get feedback and can improve further.
  • ​Week 10: Choose your Late-Night Email Show format. Your regular emails can look much like my Friday scribbles, but your format can be something entirely different, too. It's just like TV shows; it's not that news shows are better or worse than comedies—they just attract a different audience. Your Late-Night Email Show has to feel right to you, fit your business, and interest your target customers. We'll create the format that does all that.
  • ​Week 11: Go through some of your Late-Night Email Show emails. Just like with all the other parts, you will get direct feedback here, too.
  • ​Week 12: Go through some more of your Late-Night Email Show emails. We might end up using this session to go through more advanced things if there's enough interest for that in the group. But we might also just go through more of your emails, so you build more confidence in how to write them.

Whom this is for:

This program is a good fit for you regardless of your marketing experience. However, if you're specifically an email marketing expert, this is not meant for you (unless you're struggling to convert with emails because then you're clearly too close to your own stuff to see what's missing).

Whether you're new to email marketing or you've done it for a long time doesn't matter. There will be plenty of meaningful things even for experienced marketers, but I will keep things easy for even novices to follow.

Whether you sell to companies/governments or individuals doesn't matter. There are significant differences in how we approach those situations, but we cover both in the program.

Your email list size doesn't matter (even zero is fine). However, the cheaper your products/services are, the more leads you will need before seeing a positive return.

Your email marketing software doesn't matter. If you have none, I'm happy to recommend something based on your business needs.

Bonus #1: 1-on-1 session with Peter

Unlike in many mastermind-style programs, which rely heavily on peer support, you get direct feedback from me to what you're doing. You can also ask any questions you have directly from me during the sessions (both the main sessions and the Q&A sessions or even via email if you can't make it live).

In addition to the group sessions, you get a free 1-on-1 session with me. You can use it whenever you want within 4 months from the start of the program.

Normal price: $477.

Bonus #2: Instructions for additional email promotions

Your Late-Night Email Show is actually a promotion every time. It won't feel like it to people reading, but it is.

However, you might also want to do things like webinar promotions, product launches, or even just additional promotion emails for content you publish.

You get access to the same instructions to all those. They're the same files I share with my private clients, so I keep updating them. That is to say, you can use these for years to come.

I haven't sold these separately, yet, but I've considered offering them for $250.

Bonus #3: List-hygiene method for maximum open rates and engagement

List-hygiene refers to making sure you don't send emails to the wrong addresses. The most obvious wrong addresses are people who already unsubscribed from your emails.

The less-obvious ones are things like spam traps, which are used by email service providers to identify spammers. In other words, if you send emails to those addresses, that's exactly how you get in trouble.

Then there are the people who just aren't engaged anymore. They rarely if ever open your emails anymore, even if they used to be interested. If you keep emailing them, you risk getting in trouble (similar to spam traps), but you also don't want to lose them entirely because they at least used to be potential customers. So, you need a way to identify when people are losing interest and send them something to spark that interest again. You get instructions for that (the same ones I share with my private clients).

You also learn how I automate my list-hygiene management entirely.

I don't sell this separately, so I won't claim it has a price.

Bonus #4: Promotion to my audience

If I think your lead magnet would be a good fit for my audience, I'm happy to promote it to them. We'll need to discuss the details to make sure it works out, but if you've been on my list for a while, you know I promote lots of other people's free resources when I see something that could be valuable.

This isn't relevant for everyone, but if your target customers are business owners, this could be worth a lot to you.

I don't sell promotions, so there's no price. The people whose lead magnets I promote sometimes get no sales from it, but sometimes they make tens of thousands of dollars.

Bonus #5: Introductions to potential partners

If I can think of anyone you would benefit from meeting, I'm happy to make the introductions. Obviously I can't promise to have connections for every single person, but I meet a lot of people in my business, so you might be surprised by how often I can make good introductions.

I don't sell introductions, so there's no price. The introductions I make can also end up being merely interesting, but sometimes they lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

The inaugural Lead Stream Builders mastermind

  • Lead Stream Builders mastermind (normal price will likely be $5000)
  • 1-on-1 coaching session with Peter ($477)
  • Email promotion instructions (normal price will likely be $250)
  • ​List-hygiene method for maximum open rates
  • ​Promotion to my audience (priceless)
  • ​Introductions to potential partners (priceless)

NOW 3 payments of $900 (save $3027)

Save additional $200 with 1-pay option

Enrollment has CLOSED

Likely questions:

"Will this actually make a difference?"

Nearly 100% of my 1-on-1 clients see meaningful positive results very quickly. I expect that to be true of every mastermind group I run, as well. Unlike many masterminds, which rely almost entirely on peer support, you get a lot of direct feedback from me and can also ask all your questions directly from me.

"Will this work in my business?"

Yes, it will. However, the cheaper your products/services are, the more leads you will need before seeing a positive return. For a more detailed answer, scroll to the "Whom this is for" section.

"I need to talk with people 1-on-1 before they buy. Does this work for me?"

Yes, it does. You can direct people to scheduling a call with you or even just start an email conversation with them, instead of pushing them to a sales page.

"How many sessions will we have and when are they?"

We'll have 12 main sessions, which are 90min each, on Thursdays at 11am US Eastern starting on January 26 (last session is on April 13). We also have 11 Q&A sessions, which are 60min each, on Tuesdays at 11am US Eastern.

"Will you do this again?"

If I enjoy running the mastermind, yes. But the price will likely be $5000.

"How can I reach you with a question about this?"

Send me an email to People frequently express their surprise when I don't try to push them into buying, but instead genuinely answer their question and try to make it easier for them to choose. So, you don't need to worry about getting a sales pitch as a response.
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