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Get a guide to take you to your destination
You can relax and move forward with confidence
Imagine you chose to venture to a jungle alone to find a treasure. But you’ve now been wandering around in circles for months because the map you had—and the pathways you stumbled upon—didn’t lead you to your destination.

Imagine a local guide walks by and asks, “Would you like to hire me as your guide? I know the place you’re going to, and I know the jungle. There are a few snakes and such around that I can’t guarantee we will avoid, but I can show you the shortest route and keep you away from the deadend paths and the cliffs you can fall down from.”

Do you hire him? Or do you keep wandering around on your own?

Or imagine you wanted to become a professional athlete. Or musician. Or mathematician. Will you get a coach/teacher or try doing it alone?

Take almost any other skill than marketing, and most people would naturally get someone to help them. But when it comes to marketing, the majority believe they should go at it alone. Sure, they read books and watch videos, but few get real personal help, no matter how many months they’ve felt stuck or lost.

Typical results

The average (and median) result a long-term client gets is doubling their profit within the first year if they started off with a well-established business. Clients who are in the earlier stages of business typically see even greater progress.

I can’t guarantee success because a lot of it isn’t something I can control. Things like competitors and regulations are out of our control. There’s always also an element of luck involved, which we’ll minimize, but we can’t remove it altogether.

Typical clients

Scroll down to see what a few clients have said about working with me.

More than half of my clients are marketing experts (people who sell marketing services, products, etc.). Why so many expert clients? Because I focus on the things that are hardest to do for your own business. Even if you’re an expert at marketing message development, it’s nearly impossible to do well for your own business. Or try seeing the big picture of your marketing objectively, and you’re almost certainly going to miss something.

The other clients range from traditional service companies to SaaS businesses and from therapists to consulting companies. Many are in 6- or 7-figure range. Some are just about to make their first sales.

I don’t work with just anyone. If you want more help than a single call, I have to accept you as a coaching client. That means I have to feel extremely confident that I can make a big difference.

How the coaching works in practice

If you get just a single Clarity Call, all you need to do is click the button below, make the payment, and schedule the half-hour call through the link you get on the next page (and via email). Before the call, you don’t have to do anything, but you can send me a list of your questions if you know exactly what you want to talk about.

Long-term coaching just means a Clarity Call every week, every other week, or unlimited calls. We can pick a recurring time or you can schedule the next call after the previous one. If you want to add email support to the coaching, so you can ask questions and have me look over what you’re working on between our calls, that’s possible.

NOTE: Even if you’re interested in long-term coaching, let’s start with a single Clarity Call. That way we get to see if we’re a good match. We’ll talk about long-term coaching after the coaching call (so, schedule a bit of extra time for it) if we both feel like it might be a good fit.

What we talk about during coaching sessions

Single Clarity Call

If you only schedule a single Clarity Call, we'll likely start from a question that's on your mind. Below are a few common questions people struggle with:
  • Who should be my target customers?
  • ​What should I charge for my products/services?
  • ​How could I make my offer more appealing?
  • ​Should I pursue project X or Y?
  • How should I do email marketing to make it easier for me and get more results with it?
  • ​How could I make my website more effective?
  • ​How can I reach my target customers more consistently?
  • ​What sort of a funnel should I build?
If you aren't sure what you should ask, we'll figure it out together. And even if you have specific questions, if I notice there's something more impactful we should go through, I'll let you know.

Guide for a Year

If you get long-term coaching, we still go through all your questions. However, since I get to know your business very well, I can give much more overall guidance of what to focus on, which projects to pursue, how to deal with all the different aspects of your marketing, and so on.

At the start of each call, we go through what you've done and if you have any questions about it. Then we talk through what you're doing or should do next. And we make sure you know exactly how to take the next steps.

Overall, you won't have to wonder about what to do or how to do things anymore. Instead, you can follow clear steps we plan together and clear instructions that fit your specific needs.

If you have any questions about coaching or would like to talk about some other kind of help, reach out to me at contact {at}

First Clarity Call (50% discount)
$237 or 227€

Clarity Call
$477 or 447€

You don't need to commit to a long-term contract. If you want to stop the coaching, we'll just continue to the end of the current billing cycle. But I do hope I get to help you for at least a year because the results usually start to truly compound the most after a few months.

Clarity Call every other week

Clarity Call every week

Unlimited Clarity Calls + emails

All fees can be paid in € or £ if you prefer. And you will still get a consistent, recurring fee (as opposed to each month's fee varying based on currency conversion rates).
What some clients have said after working with me...

423% more sales

Peter helped me increase my sales by 423%.

- Danny Iny, Mirasee

More sales in 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months

Within 2 weeks of changing my homepage and focusing my email messages on my value proposition, I got more call requests, more email opens, and more clients paying for my high-end program than I did in the previous 6 months.

- Steve Horsmon, Good Guys 2 Great Men

Profitable sales funnel

Peter gave me clear steps to follow to rebuild all the steps in my conversion path. And a clear process to follow in order to test and improve on this once we had it up and running. He also got me thinking about what was missing from the offer itself and pushed me to fill those gaps when I was reluctant to do so.
I now have a sales funnel in place that is consistently producing sales when I run ad traffic to it.

- Mark Morley-Fletcher, Play in the Zone

He makes complicated ideas seem simple

The best way to describe working with Peter is to say he can ‘see around corners’. He doesn’t just look at the obvious - he has a way of taking his huge knowledge about marketing and applying it to every aspect of your business. He delivers over-the-top value and what’s more, you can tell he really cares.

- Kerrianne Cartmer-Edwards, Unforgettable Impact

Saved hours of work

At last someone who doesn’t spend half their time inflating their ego’s, instead, just discussing effective strategies. His strength is to look quickly at a multi- step process and identify where to focus was priceless.

- Chris Rycroft, Percepti Global

Sales doubled each year

The main thing Peter did was to bring clarity to our marketing. We've focused on a clear message, which made marketing easier.

We’ve approximately doubled our online sales each year since then (breaking the $1mil line).

- Halfdan Hansen, Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith

6% funnel conversion on a $1,000 product

I set up my new sales funnel within 4-6 weeks. It’s already converting at close to 6% on a $1,000 product.

- Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur

New clarity to message

Even though I have literally coached thousands of business owners in developing their own marketing and message, I turned to Peter.

- Jon Goldman, Brand Launcher

Couldn't keep up with work

In just 4 or 5 months we were so far behind in work we had to hire more people to cover the work. 

- David Roussel, South Air Inc

Clear plan that feels right

Talking with Peter, after so many years of hype and over-promise with other marketers, is like landing on a sane, calm, more intelligent planet.

- Ann Convery, Speak Your Business

Sales doubled

Peter's focused and actionable advice helped me double sales within a couple months—and they're still increasing.

- Shayna Oliveira, Espresso English
Legal notice: Although my average 1-on-1 client sees meaningful increases in profit, there is no way I can promise that you specifically will see positive results. There are countless things out of our control (e.g., policies, trends, competitors) and things out of my control (most importantly, will you put in the work). I only offer to share what I've seen to work most consistently across industries in multiple different types of situations.

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